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Oakstone Stables Saddle Club caters to children of all ages and abilities. We create a safe, relaxed learning environment where they will learn about all aspects of horsemanship. Our program promotes the determination to succeed both in and out of the saddle , empathy and encouragement towards others and friendship. Positive, helpful attitudes only! 

Saddle Club

Oakstone Stables offers the opportunity for children of all ages to learn about all aspects of horsemanship in a specially designed program. Each child can sign up for either 4 rides or 8 rides per month at rates that have been discounted for the program. Riders are assigned time slots from 3.30pm onwards which they keep and are taught in groups of 2-4 riders.


This programme has been designed for children who are not quite ready for the saddle club. Sessions will be determined jointly between parents and instructors. They will also have their own Mighty-Mites fun days.

Weekend Warriors

During the Spring and Summer months, students will have the opportunity to work at the barn for pizza and swimming. This will overlap with the Saddle Club.